No. 05 - Rue de l'Yvette - Candle

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Notes: Fig, Jasmine, honeysuckle, brown sugar, citrus, musk, wood.

Rue de l'Yvette was the street on which I grew up. Located just down the road from the metro stop: Jasmin.

Home was a sprawling old house full of character. Through the long hallway was the courtyard, in which lived a mighty fig tree, so tall it reached the second floor windows. Although the perfect fig tree wasn't alone in the yard, the smell of the juicy figs overpowered the other plants and the sweet succulent scent would wander so graciously over to my open windowed bedroom.

Natural wax blend (coconut, soy, veggie)

Burn time: 40 hours +

Net weight: 7.5 oz.